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Rules - MUST READ! Empty Rules - MUST READ!

Post by Badwolf on Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:39 pm

Rules of the board
1. Only Members can post on these forums.

2.You must be/have been a member of V-W(virtual-workspace) to be a member of this forum.

3. Posts posted in the wrong section may be moved to the correct section.
Admins/Moderators have the power to trash anything they feel like (aka rude/crude innapropriate content) it is at their dissgression so be careful, they are watching

4. Admins/Moderators have the power to move messages they feel are in the wrong area of the site.

5.Everyone has their own oppinion and tastes. People should always respect this and should think about what they write as some things may be seen as offensive by other users of this site.

6. Any one found breaking rules will have a Private message warning them about there actions, if you get three messages you will be banned for a set amount of time, if you are found to be doing it again once your user is back online then you will get a private message and your account will be deleted and your email address and IP number will be noted so you can't rejoin as a different username.

7. Remember no swearing on the forums.

8. You can't use just emoticons in a message.

and number 9. Enjoy yourself and have a fun time chatting and making friends. You can contact an Admin or Moderator if you have any problems or questions. bounce


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